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ABS edges in natural tones: from Ostermann more than 200 different solutions
Among the latest trends in the world of furniture, an orientation towards neutral tones such as beige, light browns and the whole range of grays is affirmed, natural colors that perfectly match each other and that, combined with wood or stone decorations, create a pleasant effect.

Artisans looking for edges in natural solid colors find at Ostermann a wide selection in many widths and thicknesses and in multiple finishes. Suffice it to say that in the ABS edging category there are more than 200 different solutions in the beige, gray and brown color groups.


Natural shades for a perfect combination

The neutral-colored furniture retains a timeless charm: colors such as beige, brown or gray become classics that easily adapt to all fashions, placing themselves harmoniously in environments of any style.

These shades also complement each other perfectly: light beige tones, for example, go very well with delicate gray or brown shades. If you are looking for a more particular effect, you can combine neutral solid colors with natural finishes, in particular with light wood or dark wood decorations or even stone effect decorations, for a very elegant result.


Ostermann: an answer to every need

If to make a single piece of furniture you need several edges, in small quantities, Ostermann offers the possibility to order the edges in the various standard widths even in very small quantities, starting from 1 meter. The edges are available with different finishes and degrees of gloss.

All edges can be ordered 24 hours a day via the Online Shop or the Ostermann App, available in eleven different languages. The quick search function on the homepage is a valuable aid, always much appreciated. All items available in stock and ordered by 4pm are shipped the same day.

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Ostermann ABS edging in elegant trendy blue shades

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