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ABS edging with Hybrid decors: another innovation from Ostermann
Ostermann is always up to date on the latest trends and offers ABS edgings with Hybrid decors, special products that combine stone, fabric, slate and rust effects with a metallic sheen.


ABS edging with Hybrid decors

ABS edging features four Hybrid decors: Metal Rock anthracite, Metal Fabric anthracite, Metal Slate black gold and Iron bronze. These edgings combine the effect of rusty iron, stone, fabric and slate with lively metallic effects to create very special products.

Thanks to their strong personality they are particularly suitable for worktops, doors or entire pieces of furniture in the living room, bathroom or kitchen. Ostermann supplies edgings in the sizes 23, 33, 43 and 100 x 1 or 2 mm and from 1 metre in length.


ABS Metal Rock anthracite edge

The ABS edge Metal Rock anthracite appears at first glance to be a classic reproduction of stone, but as soon as the light hits it, it reveals its refined metallic component with shiny and matte effects. The stone finish further underlines the mother-of-pearl effect of the decor. Contrasting anthracite and brown shades, with isolated inclusions of lighter or darker tones, allow the edging to be combined with wood-look surfaces and surfaces in warm gray tones.

Anthracite ABS Metal Fabric edging

The ABS edge Metal Fabric Anthracite visually recalls both classic tweed fabric and a polished steel plate. The grey-brown base color of the edge shows off its metallic effect through blue-gray areas and its shiny surface. The delicate bluish glow allows the edge to be combined very well with cool-toned gray solids, whites tending toward light blue or white woods.

ABS Metal Slate Black Gold Edge

This edge instead combines the dark effect of slate with a shimmering gold metallic color creating a unique hybrid decor. The basic dark brown tone of the slate reproduction is illuminated by the golden shimmer applied as a powder on the surface, making the finish especially warm. This delicate surface treatment also simulates the natural texture of slate. In interior design, the edging with its dark base color goes very well with brightly colored wood decors.


Bronze Iron ABS edging

The Bronze Iron ABS edging replicates the effect of an iron plate exposed to the elements. The irregular alternation of lighter and darker copper and bronze tones creates a particularly authentic effect that is further enhanced by the irregular metallic sheen on the surface. The edge matches very well with lighter wood decors as well as with solids or reproductions of materials in the monochromatic spectrum of gray or beige.

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