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In this section doors and drawers for furniture you will find a vast assortment of furniture doors and drawers for furniture, the result of a careful analysis of the best products on the market obtained with the finest materials. In particular, you will find doors and drawers for kitchen furniture, doors and drawers for bathroom furniture, doors and drawers for living room furniture and in general doors for custom-made furniture according to the different needs of use. Furnishingidea has also selected the most influential manufacturers of doors and drawer units for furniture on the market, reporting studies and research on the latest techniques in the processing of surfaces, materials used, coatings and the best supports able to ensure the customer a high quality finished product. If you are interested in a particular product, please contact the manufacturer using the contact details in this section. 

In-depth information on doors and drawers for furniture

Furniture doors and drawers are a fundamental part of the structure of a piece of furniture. Wardrobe doors have different types of openings and according to these they are classified into 2 main types: hinged doors and sliding doors. Hinged doors represent the most conventional and classic choice for home furnishings and are made for wall furniture.  The sliding doors, on the other hand, which have a simple sliding mechanism in a horizontal direction, are chosen in the case of narrow spaces, resulting in a more modern and elegant furnishing solution.

The realization of doors for furniture can, therefore, reach the maximum degree of customization with doors tailored for niche. The latter are special realizations of doors for furniture intended for the closure of small compartments or compartments, in order to meet special customer needs.

Drawers and furniture doors can also be used for furniture in different areas of the house, such as the kitchen. The most common kitchen furniture drawers are kitchen pull-out drawers and can be mounted at the base or to the side with respect to the furniture finish, with the aim of containing all kitchen utensils such as crockery or cutlery. While for the bathroom, there are different variants of drawers for bathroom furniture on the market, characterized by different materials and different shapes. Those to which most attention is paid, for reasons of domestic utility, are the drawers for the washbasin furniture, which are organized in different compartments to keep in order all the tools for hygiene and cleaning.

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In this section you will have the opportunity to keep yourself constantly updated on studies and research related to the production of doors and drawers for furniture, made by companies that over time have become an important reference point for professionals in the sector. Explore the main news on current developments in design techniques and materials of excellence used in the production processes of doors and drawers for kitchen furniture, doors and drawers for bathroom furniture, doors for living room furniture, doors and drawers for masonry kitchens, doors with frame for masonry kitchen, and much more.

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