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Ecotone Surfaces by Quartzforms: from Scapin Group slabs with a more sustainable formulation
Scapin Group, an Italian company specialising in the transformation of marble, granite, natural stone and composite materials, took part in the Salone del Mobile.Milano in a stand designed by Stefano Boeri Interiors where it presented the new products resulting from its collaboration with the renowned architecture studio, the Quartzforms and "New Era" collections of Ecotone™ slabs and a prototype conceived by the Marmo Arredo Research & Development department.


Ecotone™ by Quartzforms®: a more sustainable formulation

Previewed at the 2022 edition of Marmomac, Scapin Group launched the new Ecotone™by Quartzforms® surfaces, a line of slabs made with a more sustainable and environmentally friendly technological formulation.

Ecotone™ slabs are in fact made from recycled glass, resin derived from biocompound and silica free, in response to the increasingly felt need to reconsider the relationship between natural and manufactured. Ecotone™ is in fact a transitional material between technical quartz produced with a traditional methodology and a more avant-garde surface that places its main focus on respect for our planet. The production of Ecotone™ slabs uses 60% energy from wind power and provides for the recycling of the water used.


New Era Ecotone™ Collection

New Era Ecotone™ is the name of the collection of slabs offered in four colours Atlantis, Gold, Mystic and Nirvana, all fine-grained surfaces that identify distinct colours, furrowed by vein patterns, capable of responding to different furnishing needs.

Two further Ecotone™ proposals are also the result of the company's professional partnership with Stefano Boeri Interiors: two colours, White and Anthracite, both characterised by micro veins that gradually thicken from one short side of the slab to the other, giving the surface a shaded effect.

The slabs of the New Era Ecotone™ collection are available in glossy and matt finish, in 320 cm x 155 cm size and 2 or 3 cm thickness.


New products

At the Scapin Group's stand, unprecedented complements were harmoniously inserted between the slabs of the collections, offering visitors the chance to see the materials applied to the products and to understand the company's high manufacturing capacity: the Chiglia table series and the Tecla boiserie, born from the creative synergy with Studio Boeri Interiors, and the 'L'isola che non c'è' prototype.

In addition to a version of the Chiglia table measuring 270x100 cm, with a base and top in Ecotone™ New Era Mystic silk finish, a 150 x 50 cm console table was presented at the stand, which picks up on the linear forms of the table while maintaining its aesthetic rigour and formal elegance.

Another novelty, displayed in all the available size variants (150x100x25 cm, 100x100x25 cm, 100x75x25 cm) was the Chiglia low table, a low table with a truncated pyramid-shaped base in mirrored steel (supermirror), and tops in Ecotone™ New Era Gold, Mystic and Nirvana, all in silk finish.

The Tecla boiserie covered the niche of the stand with 30-60-90 cm modules, creating a backdrop that highlighted the Antracite slabs, silk finish, in gradient texture.

L'Isola che non c'è, a creation of Offmat, the Research & Development department of Marmo Arredo, is a design product that becomes both hob and table. Presented in Ecotone™ New Era Mystic, silk finish, it was realised in collaboration with Asko, which created an induction hob with a minimal thickness that blends perfectly with the surface.