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In this area of ​​the portal you can consult news and information on companies and products in the flexible polyurethane foam category. In particular, you will be able to learn more about the latest furnishing trends and products manufactured by the most established manufacturers on the national and international market. The producers of flexible polyurethane foam present in the portal are able to offer varied solutions that differ from each other in terms of bearing capacity, density and colors and to respond to different applications and needs.

Flexible polyurethane foam: definition

Polyurethane was invented in the 1930s by chemist Dr. Otto Bayer and was immediately used as a replacement for rubber during the Second World War. Over time several applications were developed but it was not until the 1950s that polyurethane was considered one of the best materials to use in the furniture industry. Today it is used in a wide range of products marketed in the form of plates, blocks or foams.

Flexible polyurethane foam is a stuffing material with a soft, supple and flexible consistency used in many types of furniture. The areas of application are varied: automotive, furniture and design, naval and many others. Thanks to the continuous research and development of companies in the sector, today there are innovative types of flexible polyurethane foam on the market with fire-retardant properties, to guarantee a certain degree of safety where it is necessary.
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Vefer flexible polyurethane foams at interzum 2023: broad acceptance from international markets

New-generation products and eco-friendly materials attracted keen interest from numerous visitors
Category: Flexible polyurethane foam
Publication date: 12/06/2023
Company: Vefer SpA

Natura® polyurethane foam from Pelma: the right combination of technology and natural elements

A medium/high density, highly resilient and viscoelastic polyurethane foam containing renewable raw materials based on vegetable oils
Category: Flexible polyurethane foam
Publication date: 24/05/2023
Company: Pelma S.p.A.

ORSA foam: when comfort meets sustainability

Eco-friendly polyurethane padding and polyurethane agglomerates: the company's contribution to environmental protection
Category: Flexible polyurethane foam
Publication date: 08/03/2023
Company: Orsa Foam

Sustainable polyurethane RisOrsa by Orsa foam: environmental protection and certified comfort

Six types of eco-friendly polyurethane padding suitable for both the core and for the top and pillow
Category: Flexible polyurethane foam
Publication date: 14/11/2022
Company: Orsa Foam

Circular economy: the contribution of ORSA foam thanks to polyurethane agglomerates

The company has obtained the environmental certification of the PSV - Plastic Second Life product for these materials
Category: Flexible polyurethane foam
Publication date: 07/09/2022
Company: Orsa Foam
Orsa Foam
Orsa Foam
ORSA Foam S.p.A. is one of the most important manufacturers of flexible polyurethane foam, certified...
Pelma S.p.A.
Pelma S.p.A.
"A question of shape ... and substance": this is the philosophy that has characterized Pelma products...
Vefer SpA
Vefer SpA
The company has grown over the years and is now at the top in Italy and Europe thanks to the attention...
BH Delitex srl
BH Delitex srl
Delitex has been active in the industry for more than 40 years providing professional support to manufacturers...

Pelma Dryflex

The first hydrophobic flexible polyurethane foam Pelma has created Dryflex®, the first hydrophobic...

Laminated foam

Our laminated foam articles are available with thickness from 3 mm to  15 mm, 150 cm width. Flameretardant...


Vefer's research on colloidal systems has resulted in polarGelfoam®, an extraordinary non-toxic...


M.F. BIO ALOE®, viscoelastic foam with slow memory, high density, superior performance, ready to...

Malvafoam® polyurethane foam

Malvafoam®, ergonomic elasticity enriched with mallow extract. High resilience (HR) polyurethane...

AIRSYSTEM® polyurethane foam

Polyurethane foam with high elastic return and high flexibility. Particularly suitable for the bedding...

Elcam cushion technology

Breeze polyurethanes, for absolute relaxation by Orsa Foam

MOON catalog by Orsa Foam

Waterlily, pure comfort by Orsa Foam

I-Foam Silver the strength of the purity of Orsa Foam

Respect, research and innovation

The Vefer company offers green and quality products for the polyurethane foam production sector. Watch the video.

In this section you can find the latest product news concerning the flexible polyurethane foam category. Consult the in-depth articles, discover the most established companies and the best solutions capable of ensuring maximum safety, reliability and the highest level of quality.

Flexible expanded polyurethane is by far the most used padding, thanks to the wide range available in sizes and densities. The continuous research and technological innovation of the manufacturing companies has made it possible to obtain high quality products capable of achieving the best performances in the field of padding. In this section you will find the best manufacturers of polyurethane foam worldwide, you can view the products and catalogs and get in touch directly with the company that produces and/or processes flexible polyurethane through the contact form or through the relevant contact details present in the custom tab.

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