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This section collects the most advanced technological LED lighting systems for furniture.  In this case we refer to: under-cabinet lighting systems, LED light bars, LED spotlights, LED strips and more. Each technological system proposed responds to specific needs of location and integration with respect to the other furnishing elements in which it will be inserted.  The companies selected by the Furnishingidea team have decades of proven experience, and have had the opportunity to establish themselves in the sector, obtaining numerous positive feedback from consumers, experts and lighting professionals. If you are interested in one of the LED furniture lighting products please contact the manufacturer and get any information you need. 

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LED furniture lighting plays a key role in giving rooms a more vivid and modern beauty.  Thanks to the play of lights, contrasts and shadows, LED systems are able to embellish the furniture, creating soft atmospheres, depending on the desired styles and uses. On the other hand, in addition to aesthetic considerations, it is important to highlight how LED lighting in general has established itself on the market for its undisputed economic and energy advantages. From the energy point of view, in particular, these luminaires have a much longer life and lighting performance than classic lighting systems, proving to be low environmental impact products thanks to the reduced emission of harmful substances even after long exposures over time. Since they have a high long life span and higher energy efficiency, LED furniture lights are very cost effective as they significantly reduce the need for maintenance work and reduce outgoing expenses.

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Systema, Domus Line's structural lighting profile wins iF Design Award 2023

Premiato da una giuria di esperti indipendenti provenienti da tutto il mondo per il suo design funzionale ed esteticamente accattivante
Category: Lighting for furniture
Publication date: 29/05/2023
Company: Domus Line S.r.l.

Halemeier lighting system from Ostermann: versatile solutions for interior design

Versa SuperPlus or Versa SuperPlus Mini LED strips combine an LED strip and a folding profile in one solution
Category: Lighting for furniture
Publication date: 22/03/2023
Company: Ostermann Italia Srl

L&S Lighting for furniture: increasingly sustainable, flexible and emotional systems for customized and multifunctional spaces

Versatile electrified modular systems to enhance interior furnishings, from wainscoting to lighting for bookcases, from walk-in closets to systems for the living area and kitchens
Category: Lighting for furniture
Publication date: 09/12/2022
Company: L&S S.p.a.

Lighting: L&S Lighting acquires 100% of Forma e Funzione

The operation consolidates the leadership of the L&S Group in the furniture lighting sector
Category: Lighting for furniture, Industry news
Publication date: 02/05/2022
Company: L&S S.p.a.

Domus Line: innovative solutions for the furniture lighting and interior design sector

Discovering a technological talent all Made in Italy
Category: Lighting for furniture
Publication date: 22/10/2019
Company: Domus Line S.r.l.

In this section you can stay informed about the latest news in the field of LED furniture lighting. Stay up to date with industry events and the most innovative projects carried out by professionals and designers in the sector.  Thanks to a careful selection of the best market leaders, by the Furnishingidea team, you will be able to get detailed information on the most popular technological devices on the market, made through the use of raw materials of excellent workmanship and equipped with innovative features and modern style design.

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