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FurnSpin hardware system from Hettich awarded 'Best of the Best' at the interzum award 2023
FurnSpin is an innovative high-end hardware system that goes beyond old design schemes to make room for creativity in furniture design. Presented by Hettich for the first time at interzum 2023, the product won the renowned interzum award with the highest accolade of 'Best of the Best' thanks to its 'carefully designed and innovative configuration'. "The interzum award confirms the quality and innovative strength of your work and underlines the importance of your product for the industry on an international level": this was the jury's motivation to Hettich at the Interzum fair in Cologne.


Two different movements: translation and 180° rotation

The novelty of FurnSpin lies in the fact that it is the main part of the cabinet that moves and does so with ease. With an elegant twist, the cabinet reveals its contents and, with another twist, the interior disappears to make way for the closed front.

Thanks to the special rotational and translational movement, the inside of the furniture can be fully rotated outwards. FurnSpin performs two different movements at the same time: translation and 180° rotation. The refined mechanism allows the cabinet to move along predefined sliding points, preventing the outer corners from colliding. Centrifugal force seems to disappear: the torque is so counterbalanced that even very light objects do not tip or slide, but remain in place inside the cabinet.


FurnSpin, an extremely versatile system

The versatility of FurnSpin is perfect in any environment, from kitchen to bathroom, bedroom to living room or office.  Designers, planners and manufacturers can give free rein to their creativity and interpret the furniture design with many customised variations.

FurnSpin is available in different sizes, to be chosen based on the size of the cabinet. The hardware system allows even full-height furniture to be moved as easily as a small cabinet. FurnSpin also offers all the familiar comfort functions, such as the soft close or push-to-open system for handle-less furniture. The hardware remains almost completely hidden to satisfy even the most demanding designers, manufacturers and customers. With its versatility, the FurnSpin system opens up a new horizon of quality in the panorama of premium storage spaces and helps manufacturers and interior designers to enhance their quest for innovation and refinement with an impressive result.

The FurnSpin hardware system is scheduled to be marketed in the fourth quarter of 2023.


A customised storage space

Customers in the premium segment, who are always on the lookout for greater customisation, high quality and sophisticated, surprising solutions, will find the innovative hardware system from Hettich the ideal product to meet these expectations. In fact, FurnSpin interprets the transition between "open" and "closed" furniture with an impressive solution. The rotation from the closed cabinet front to the open shelf also allows the room to be transformed in an instant: depending on requirements, it can be closed to achieve a tidy and minimalist effect, or open to provide a full view of the interior and quick access from both sides. The storage space can thus be customised, concealing certain elements or deliberately putting home accessories on display.

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