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This section contains a wide range of innovative solutions for the glass hardware industry. The products you will find include: glass clamps, sliding glass hardware, glass door hardware, glass door hinges, shower glass hardware, glass door hardware, glass wall brackets etc.  The glass accessories, selected by the Furnishingidea team, are characterized by a wide variety of finishes and applications produced by the best manufacturers on the market. Would you like to know more information about glass hardware products? Contact the company and receive all the information you need. 

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Glass hardware includes all tools, tools and accessories for fixing glass surfaces and is intended for different uses. Modern technologies are able to withstand even the heaviest of weights, while at the same time distinguishing themselves by their sophisticated designs that can easily integrate with the rest of the furniture in which they are inserted.  Among the most important glass hardware we also find supports for tempered glass and glass clamps. Tempered glass supports are metal accessories used to fix a particular type of glass called "tempered". The latter in particular is obtained by heating a normal sheet of float glass, which is placed inside a special furnace and heated up to a temperature of about 640 °C and softens the glass material. While glass clamps are accessories used for clamping any type of glass and may have different shapes and materials. They can in fact be round or square and can be made of copper, brass, stainless steel, etc. Glass parapet supports, on the other hand, are steel supports able to fix glass parapets, i.e. those protective elements useful in case of unevenness of floors. However, the glass hardware that is most in demand and which is the most successful among consumers is equipped with advanced functionality, high durability and aesthetic flexibility and can easily harmonize with the rest of the furniture.

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Hettich Sensys hinge with built-in shock absorber for glass applications

A hinge which combines functionality and aesthetics
Category: Hardware for glass
Publication date: 30/01/2019
Company: Hettich Italia

Furniture hinges Tiomos M Series by Grass

For mirror, glass and particularly thin mirror applications
Category: Hardware for glass
Publication date: 24/08/2017
Hettich Italia
Hettich Italia
Hettich is an international company with 80 locations worldwide, family-owned since 1888, specialising...

Hinge Sensys for glass application

Furniture with glass elements add a touch of elegance to any living room. Thanks to its small gluing...

This area is dedicated to glass hardware where product lines of the most prestigious manufacturers on the market.  The selected products stand out for the wide range of applications, the high safety standards, the degree of customization and the assembly comfort that adapts to any type of need. Here you can also find the latest news about trade fairs and events from the best professionals and designers in the industry and keep up with the most influential innovations.

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