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This section is dedicated to glues for furniture and adhesives products for furniture intended for industrial use and characterized by a high yield thanks to the use of highly selected materials in production processes. This category includes solvent-based adhesive products, water-based adhesive products, vinyl glues for wood, adhesive tapes for furniture and sealants for furniture. In addition, in this area you can keep up to date with all the most important industry news and the materials used to obtain a high quality finished product that guarantees extreme fixation in all cases of application.

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More information on furniture glues and adhesives products for furniture

There are different types of adhesives products for furniture and each of them are made from different substances that determine the level of yield and possible uses. For example, among the glues for wooden furniture, polyurethane glue ensures long-lasting gluing and is mainly used for edge-bonding with the aid of edgebanding machines. Water-based vinyl glue, on the other hand, is suitable for hard and delicate woods and has very long setting times. However, among the most widespread glues for furniture on the market there is PVA glue: this type of glue is ideal for gluing wood because it is easy to use and shows a quick bonding time.

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FraboAdesivi water- and solvent-based adhesives: continuous innovation with respect for man and nature

Innovative, environmentally friendly technologies in response to the growing demand for sustainable products presented at interzum 2023
Category: Glues and adhesive products for furniture
Publication date: 31/05/2023
Company: Frabo Adesivi spa

Aquagum B/194 No Fog two-component spray adhesive: from Frabo research an innovative product

Drastically reduces dust dispersion into the air during spraying, eliminating product wastage
Category: Glues and adhesive products for furniture
Publication date: 07/06/2021
Company: Frabo Adesivi spa

Ostermann PU Redocol hotmelt glues for high-quality products at favourable prices

The range now includes three new glues for the different gluing systems of edgebanders
Category: Glues and adhesive products for furniture
Publication date: 15/01/2021
Company: Ostermann Italia Srl

Frabo adhesives and glues: high performance and low environmental impact

From Frabo research an innovative product: Aquagum No Fog
Category: Glues and adhesive products for furniture
Publication date: 02/10/2019
Company: Frabo Adesivi spa

Aquagum adhesives for upholstered furniture by Frabo

Quality and respect for the environment
Category: Glues and adhesive products for furniture
Publication date: 10/12/2015
Company: Frabo Adesivi spa
Ostermann Italia Srl
Ostermann Italia Srl
The Ostermann group can be considered one of the most important established companies in Europe for the...
Frabo Adesivi spa
Frabo Adesivi spa
Frabo Adesivi S.P.A. is a company specialized in the production of solvent-based and water-based glues...


PRESSION VOT is a polychloroprene-based spatula adhesive. The advantages of the product concern several...


PRESSION HM/180 is an acetovinyl adhesive particularly suitable for gluing profiles and friezes on wooden...

Polychlorinated adhesive and thermoplastic spray Respan

Respan Plr/Super (solvent) Respan plr/Super is a one-component polychlorinated spray adhesive for bonding...

Polychloroprenic adhesive brush Pression ET

Pression ET is a polychloroprenic brush adhesive for bonding sound-absorbing foams to themselves, cardboard,...

AQUAGUM® monocomponent

AQUAGUM® monocomponent is a water-based spray adhesive that is completely solvent-free. The product...

AQUAGUM® bi-component

AQUAGUM® bi-component is a blue or white water-based solvent-free spray adhesive, to be used with...

Glues and cleaners - Ostermann

Adhesives for upholstery and mattresses by Frabo Adesivi

Adhesives for wood and laminates by Frabo Adesivi

THE KITCHEN IS THE HEART OF THE HOUSE - La Vetrina 1 2021 Ostermann

Adhesives for nautical sector by Frabo Adesivi

This section contains a collection of excellence relating to adhesive products for furniture used for fixing different surfaces, which ensure strong and impact-resistant joints. The products selected by the Furnishingidea team are characterized by high quality standards, confirming a sure guarantee for a solid and permanent bonding of furniture. Compare the different technological solutions of the most prestigious manufacturers on the market and stay up to date with developments in the sector.

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