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Innovative surfaces and materials Arpa and FENIX: All the innovations presented at interzum 2023
At interzum 2023, a vaulted gallery introduced visitors to the world of Arpa and FENIX. 'Surfaces with a view', the project signed by the Zanellato/Bortotto studio, was an immersive journey to discover the fundamental values of materials, where the high quality surfaces and innovative materials of Arpa and FENIX® dialogued with each other revealing their beauty, functionality and sustainability.

In dedicated halls, Arpa Industriale presented, during the four days of interzum 2023, all the novelties of the Arpa and FENIX® product range: from the new Deep Surface Tuet to the Colour Matching Core product range, from Bloom technology to the organic components of VIS technology, from the new FENIX® colours to the innovative X-KIN® wall coverings.


Deep Surface Tuet: awarded the interzum award 2023 'High Product Quality'.

Tuet, the first Deep Surface from Arpa Industriale, won the Interzum Award 2023 'High Product Quality'.

Inspired by the Piedmontese marsh reeds that grow along the Tanaro river, Deep Surface Tuet transforms any furnishing environment into an evocative composition characterised by light and shadow, varying according to the time of day. Its grooved surface offers a special tactile experience, combining a soft touch with an undulating sensation.

Tuet's reliefs can be arranged in either direction, creating pleasant movement effects in the bathroom, kitchen and living room. It is available in two wood décors: Caravella Light and Caravella Dark. At interzum 2023 Tuet could be appreciated installed on a dramatic corner wall, which enhanced its beauty, and on the walls of the two meeting rooms within the stand.


Heart-themed surfaces

Arpa and FENIX® themed heart surfaces create a sense of material continuity and versatility without the need for edging, offering great design freedom.

Arpa expands the Color Matching Core range, a fascinating selection of decors offered in combination with a range of 27 different colours. A rich proposal that allows for the creation of furnishing components and design elements in uniform colour or with a refined match between decor and core, in combination with sophisticated textures.

The entire FENIX® colour range, comprising 27 extremely opaque shades, is also available with a themed heart. Thanks to this wide range, the discreet aesthetics of FENIX®, characterised by low light reflectivity, soft touch, anti-fingerprint properties and thermal repairability of surface micro-scratches, allow for the creation of harmonious interior design projects.


Bloom technology: a significant step towards sustainability

Also on display at interzum is the lignin-based Bloom technology, which has led Arpa Industriale to take a significant step towards sustainability, making the core of Arpa's high-quality surfaces and innovative FENIX® materials more natural.

Bloom technology uses lignin, a 'natural glue' that holds wood fibres together, increasing the amount of natural raw materials used for the core of the products. For Arpa, a selection of 36 solid colours from the Colorsintesi family is available, while for FENIX®, the Bloom selection has been enriched with six new colours.

Bloom décors and colours have been awarded the SGS-23001/1 bio-based content certificate and the verified bio-based content declaration certificate according to NCS 16785:2016.


What’s New 2023-2024

A series of pillar-shaped displays presented at interzum 'What's New for 2023-2024', a selection of ten exclusive Arpa decors and the new Rorà finish.

The new decors reinterpret the aesthetics of marble, oak grain, basalt and fossil stone. The new Rorà finish, inspired by the chiselling of stone, characteristic of the Bagnolo area in Piedmont, is rough stone at first glance, but surprisingly pleasant to the touch. Its particular appearance varies depending on the light and the combination with the six new decors.


The innovative X-KIN wall coverings

X-KIN® is the solution developed by FENIX® specifically for walls and cladding of structural elements for interior design. Extremely opaque, soft to the touch, anti-fingerprint and with excellent colour fastness to light, X-KIN® is the covering solution that allows you to experience a contemporary and timeless space.

To be applied as wallpaper, the flexible X-KIN® surfaces are available in four FENIX® colours. The installation featured the limited edition Jaipur Red Brina, where a cascade of shimmering droplets glides over the extremely matt surface of X-KIN®.


Sustainability for Arpa Industriale

Sustainability, which is an integral part of Arpa Industriale's corporate philosophy, was on stage in the Boulevard of Sustainability: in 2021, an important milestone was reached with the achievement of carbon neutrality for the innovative FENIX® materials. The company is also convinced that reducing its overall environmental footprint is essential not only for the long-term success of its business, but also for our environment.

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