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Laminam ceramic surfaces: the luminous beauty of the new Diamond collection
Laminam, presented the new Diamond collection of ceramic surfaces and two new finishes Caress and Lucidato Starlit at the 61st edition of the Salone del Mobile in Milan.

In a brightly lit stand designed by the Park Associati architecture studio, the world of design and architecture was able to see up close and touch the visual and tactile novelties of the new surfaces resulting from the constant artistic research work carried out by the Laminam R&D division.


Two new finishes: Caress and Lucidato Starlit

The two new finishes Caress and Lucidato Starlit enhance the range of design possibilities of the surfaces offered by the company for a result of high aesthetic and creative value.

The Caress finish transports softness to a solid surface. The tactile pleasantness translates into delicacy to the eye, given its slightly matt nature that makes it perfect in delicate and classic combinations.

The Lucidato Starlit finish is able to transfer light into the slabs, thanks to a special formula based on quartz powder, the result of Laminam's research and innovation. The result is extremely elegant and sophisticated.


The surfaces of the new Diamond collection

The history of Laminam is studded with innovative ideas, ahead of their time. This is the case of the new Diamond collection, a refined and versatile collection that enhances the creativity of designers, architects and anyone who wants to give a new connotation to their spaces.

Four ceramic surfaces are part of the new collection: Cristallo Gold, Calacatta Black, Onice Grigio and Cristallo Macchia Vecchia.

Cristallo Gold is a soft and delicate surface that combines the reflective quality of white marble with the preciousness of subtle beige, amber and gold veins. In Cristallo Gold, graphic purity and functional grace combine to create an extremely versatile and modern surface that is perfect for any environment.

Calacatta Black reinterprets the sophistication of black marble, softening its features with hints of beige. The result is a precious and intense surface, crossed by thin white veins. Characterized by a particularly homogeneous texture, Calacatta Black enhances every project with extreme elegance, thanks also to the Bocciardato e Lucidato Starlit surface finishes.

Calacatta Black and Cristallo Gold are available in different formats and thicknesses, confirming the wide and heterogeneous application variety offered by the company.

Onice Grigio and Cristallo Macchia Vecchia combine an easy-chic effect with timeless design. Cristallo Macchia Vecchia is a precious testimony of the past, a surface on which beige, grey, amber and gold veins chase each other and intertwine. Onice Grigio, on the other hand, reinterprets the layered structure of the stone from which it takes its name in a contemporary key: a graphic beauty that gradually reveals itself. The steel grey and light white shades seamlessly veer into softer shades such as beige, cream and warm grey. Both surfaces, elegant and refined, are taken to their maximum expressiveness in the new Lucidato Starlit finish.


Impact, stain and scratch resistant surfaces

Like all Laminam surfaces, those in the Diamond collection are resistant to impact, stains and scratches and remain so even when exposed to heat, frost and UV rays, with an average water absorption of 0.1%. Compatible with foodstuffs and refractory to the proliferation of mould, the surfaces are particularly suitable for use in environments such as kitchens and bathrooms and in the creation of furniture and tables.

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