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In this area of ​​the portal you can consult the latest innovations in the category of laminating materials and fabrics for furnishing. In particular, you will be able to deepen in-depth articles on the most established companies and the most advanced technological solutions, download catalogs for free and learn about the most advanced products on the market. The manufacturers of upholstered furniture present in the portal are able to offer timely services aimed at quality, offering a wide range of products for the lamination of different furnishing fabrics characterized by different weights, heights and thicknesses.

Lamination: definition

The term lamination indicates a particular processing of furnishing fabrics and through which it is possible to permanently combine two different materials.The applications of lamination are many, as they differ in the type of materials involved. Fabric lamination is widely used in the clothing industry, the automotive industry, the footwear industry and the furniture industry.

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Delitex offers a wide range of fireproof products for padding

Fire-resistant padding materials conforming to major standards
Category: Lamination
Publication date: 06/11/2019
Company: BH Delitex srl

Delitex: fire-resistant materials for upholstered furniture

Fire-retardant products for upholstery conforming to the main standards
Category: Lamination
Publication date: 24/09/2019
Company: BH Delitex srl

Delitex at Interzum: fire-resistant products and materials for outdoor furniture

Fireproof products for upholstery and the coating certified according to the main standards
Category: Lamination
Publication date: 26/04/2019
Company: BH Delitex srl

Delitex: quality items for upholstered furniture

Bonding of resin or polyurethanes, strong point of production
Category: Lamination
Publication date: 06/03/2019
Company: BH Delitex srl

Delitex: a wide range of laminates for upholstered furniture

Tailor-made, high-quality solutions
Category: Lamination
Publication date: 20/03/2018
BH Delitex srl
BH Delitex srl
Delitex has been active in the industry for more than 40 years providing professional support to manufacturers...

Laminated fiber: tricoat fabric, non-woven, cotton fabric

Our fibers could be coupled to different kind of support: tricoat fabric, non-woven, or cotton and mixed...

Laminated fiber 60 gsm

Our range of laminated fiber starts from a minimum of 60 gsm. The wadding 60 gsm is available in h 150...

Laminated foam 9 mm

Our laminated foam 9 mm are usually available in five colours : white, beige, black, brown and grey,...

Laminated foam

Our laminated foam articles are available with thickness from 3 mm to  15 mm, 150 cm width. Flameretardant...

Fire block foam - Bonded polyurethane

Fire block foam is one of the most innovative products of Buying House Delitex. It belongs to the range...

Laminated fiber

Our range of laminated fiber is made up by wadding available in different weight: from 60 to 350 gsm...

Lamination is a process that serves to join two fabrics necessary for the internal padding of armchairs and sofas. In this section you will find everything related to this category and companies specialized in lamination, or in the processing of laminated fabrics, printed fabrics, necessary for the internal padding of armchairs and sofas.

Lamination: Request information

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