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Lapitec sintered stone: five new full-body colours
The sintered stone Lapitec is a covering material particularly suitable for the kitchen world, 100% natural, produced in Italy and appreciated on the international market for its aesthetic characteristics and high performance. It is in fact a 'full-body' sintered stone: the exterior and interior are identical, with no glaze or digital printing on the surface, a feature that allows it to be processed throughout its thickness.

The Venetian company Lapitec presents five new colours in the 2023 range to add to the existing shades of the Musa collection: Bianco Serena, Bianco Angelica, Bianco Andromeda, Bianco Olimpia and Bianco Atena.


The new 2023 colours

The new colours of Lapitec sintered stone offer five interpretations of the white theme embellished with contrasting irregular veins, with a stylistic range suitable for any project, with an eye on the latest trends in the kitchen environment for kitchen counter tops and table surfaces.

Bianco Serena displays golden veins with a colour base tending towards ivory. With the same sinuosity as the Bianco Serena shade, Bianco Angelica displays a light base and a variety of shades in the veining: gold and pink mingle with different shades of grey.

Bianco Andromeda, on the other hand, is characterised by veins that explode in an irregular pattern of different shades of grey: from the lightest and gentlest to the darkest and sharpest.

With its decisive character, Bianco Olimpia has important veins immersed in rivers of light grey shades.  Finally, Bianco Atena presents a pure white base in Bianco Assoluto, marked by sharp, rigorous veins that neatly cut the XXL-size slabs.


Colours suitable for the kitchen world

Entirely free of crystalline silica thanks to the use of Biorite®, a mineral component patented by the company, which makes it safe and even more sustainable, Lapitec sintered stone is offered in large full-body slabs with three possible thicknesses (12, 20 and 30 mm).

Free of porosity on the surface, it is resistant to temperature changes, frost and high temperatures, UV rays, scratches, chemicals and can be used in direct contact with water. Its high performance, combined with a green composition and XXL formats, allow for great versatility of use.

"Lapitec does not use inks or petroleum derivatives," says Marcello Toncelli, third generation at the helm of the brand.  "That is why the range draws on earthy shades, from white to black, through greys in different nuances. Research, at Lapitec, never stops, and these five new colours are designed to meet the demands of the kitchen market in particular, which is of fundamental importance to us and an integral part of Lapitec's development strategy over the next few years".

In the photo above, the Lapitec sintered stone in the new Bianco Olimpia colour.

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