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In this section you can find the best modular furniture products manufactured by the most prestigious companies on the national and international market. This category includes open compartments, kitchen end units, modular systems for office, modular systems for bookcases, modular wall units, modular bathroom furniture, modular kitchen furniture, modular systems for walk-in closets, and much more. To receive more information about the modular furniture proposed in this section, just fill out the contact form and contact the manufacturer directly. 

Insights into modular furniture

Modular furniture is very popular because it allows you to achieve a high degree of customization in the furniture taking advantage of very low costs. But what exactly are these modular furnishings? They are defined modular precisely because they allow you to custom design furniture for any room in the house starting from a basic module around which other furniture will be designed according to your needs.  This category includes open compartments, space-saving compositional solutions that make the aesthetics of small rooms more dynamic. In addition, these modular furnishings are very suitable when you have an open kitchen in which you want to create continuity with the living room, without perceiving an unsightly detachment. The modular design therefore allows compositional and creative freedom that goes beyond the concepts of staticity and predictability, as in the case of modular living room furniture where functionality and aesthetics combine to create unique and original design projects. According to the modular logic it is possible to balance the placement of the furniture according to the available space and the intended use. Modular bathrooms, on the other hand, are used in cases where you want to optimize the narrow spaces giving them aesthetic beauty and functionality, preferring compact and capacious modular furniture to create comfort in an environment that you use every day.


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Ossicolor: new ideas, new projects and a new start-up

Modular systems: design and style 100% Made in Italy
Category: Modular systems for furniture
Publication date: 07/04/2018
Company: Ossicolor S.r.l.

Modular systems Model T26 by Cieffe

Attention to design optimizing functionality and costs
Category: Modular systems for furniture
Publication date: 12/07/2017
Company: Cieffe s.r.l.

This page presents an extensive collection of research, studies and projects related to the category of modular furniture. Every day you can consult this page to receive all the sector information and the most innovative technologies that characterize the current furniture and furnishing market.  Moreover, the companies we propose are characterized by high competitiveness and are the result of a careful selection made by the Furnishingidea team to show you only the best of the sector.

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