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Nova Pro Scala drawer system from Grass: also with F8 Crystal glass front inside
The Nova Pro Scala drawer system from GRASS has been enriched with the new F8 Crystal glass inner front. "The transparency of the storage space is perfectly in line with our product philosophy," says Andreas Marosch, Marketing Director at GRASS. "A simple, clear, timeless and purist language creates added aesthetic value. At the same time, the new transparent front gives users an overview of the contents of the drawers."


Nova Pro Scala drawer system

The Nova Pro Scala drawer system is characterised by its versatility and the perfect combination of form and function. Its marked lines, right angles and narrow radii result in an aesthetically pleasing product. Nova Pro Scala is also based on the modular system: five heights from 63 mm are available. From the precise manufacture of each individual component through to the choice of colour and surface type, everything in the drawer system is in tune: perfect functionality, highest quality and solid values; even the F8 Crystal glass drawer front consistently carries over the same design features.


Simple assembly with maximum effect

Chromatically, the new glass front is perfectly matched to the stone, ice or silver shades of the Nova Pro Scala drawer system. In addition, GRASS has ensured that craftsmen and industrial enterprises can use the front without great effort. The pluggable elements require no machining. In terms of internal depth, F8 Crystal has the same dimensions as standard drawers. For connection to the drawer, Nova Pro Scala's pre-assembled hooks are used. The reduced complexity of the parts therefore guarantees quick and easy assembly.

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