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Ossicolor S.r.l.

Ossicolor S.r.l.

Founded in Trento in 1971, OSSICOLOR specializes in the processing and surface treatment of extruded aluminum. As the "Innovative Aluminum" payoff explains well, the company has grown through innovation and creativity, characteristics that have always kept it technologically one step ahead. Very accurate design, 100% Italian style, the products signed by OSSICOLOR are highly customizable and are now distributed in numerous countries, including Germany, France, Canada, Austria, United Kingdom and Spain.

The goal of the company located in Trentino is to travel unexplored roads, in search of solutions that help improve the practicality and aesthetics of the products. All this to make people's daily lives more exciting and comfortable. With its own internal production cycle, the company guarantees constant monitoring of each of the processing stages. Organized with the aim of guaranteeing the standardization of processing, even for extremely limited orders, Ossicolor satisfies large clients thanks to an automated and flexible production cycle. To the mechanical processing of aluminum profiles, Ossicolor adds a wide range of surface treatments.

The preparatory cleaning, polishing and mechanical satin finishing treatments help to raise the aesthetic and functional potential of each product. Ossicolor's wide range of extruded aluminum alloy products is constantly evolving, satisfying the needs of manufacturers of furniture and related accessories, but also those of various industries active in the fields of sports equipment, refrigeration, construction, electronics and alternative energies.

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Ossicolor S.r.l.

Via Fontanelle 126, Trento, 38121, Trento, Italia