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Ostermann Italia Srl

Ostermann Italia Srl

The Ostermann group can be considered one of the most important established companies in Europe for the trade of edges for furniture and furniture hardware. Thanks to its many years of experience in the carpentry and furniture industry and its attention to the customer, the company has managed to gain a prominent position within the wider market.

The head office of the Ostermann group is in Bocholt in Germany. However, the company has always aimed at a more extensive presence and over time has consolidated its international vocation by opening several branches in 10 European countries.

Specialized in edging for furniture

The specialization of the Ostermann Group concerns the distribution of edges for furniture. In fact, the largest range of edges for furniture in Europe is stocked at the headquarters in Bocholt.

Specifically, there are edges in different materials and thicknesses such as ABS edges, melamine edges, acrylic edges, aluminum edges, real wood edges in any width up to 100 mm.

Ostermann Italy

Ostermann Italia is based in Peraga di Vigonza (PD), in a central position in the production of Italian furniture.

From here Ostermann Italia delivers the largest assortment of edges for furniture in Europe within 24 hours in the required quantities starting from 1 meter. The items are shipped directly from the warehouse throughout Italy.

Thanks to the proven experience in the sector, Ostermann Italia offers a unique service strongly oriented to the needs of Italian customers.

An inviting showroom in the Vigonza branch displays the enormous variety of the Ostermann edging assortment.

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