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On this page we propose an extensive collection of furniture paints produced by the most consolidated companies in the market and recognized as important reference points in the sector.  In detail you will find paints for wood, interior paints, exterior paints, bio paints for wood, water-based paints, glass paints, water-based uv paints, polyester paints, etc..
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Insights into furniture paints

Furniture paints are the material used to give colour to surfaces, to protect them from external agents and to preserve their appearance for longer.  
The furniture and handicraft industry presents various types of coatings paints, each of which has different characteristics.  BIO paints, for example, are among the most performing paints on the market and the most suitable to obtain the lowest environmental impact. In particular, these materials have advanced performance standards such as high chemical and light resistance, greater durability and a strong yellowing power. On the other hand, polyester paints, on the other hand, are used to obtain closed-pore finishes where maximum filling is required with the lowest number of applications.  The latter also represent a product of remarkable quality because they are characterized by high chemical-physical resistance and allow to aesthetically achieve an excellent gloss. Another type of furniture paints are water-based paints. The application of this type of paint allows a considerable reduction of volatile organic substances and are recognized for their anti-yellowing properties and the achievement of aesthetically valuable finishes.

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Acrystone acrylic finishes by Verinlegno: effective on the surfaces of any domestic environment

They make the most of the wood essence, highlighting its nature, structure and pores
Category: Paints for furniture
Publication date: 14/02/2022

CFN Painting: quality of finishes and care for details

Partner of industrial and artisan companies looking for a high quality and customized product
Category: Paints for furniture
Publication date: 09/02/2022
Company: CFN Verniciatura S.N.C.

Verinlegno paints with increasingly green formulations

The company has patented the use in its coatings of all-natural, antioxidant additives that are effective in protecting frames and shutters from UV rays.
Category: Paints for furniture
Publication date: 15/12/2021

Firefighter fire-retardant coatings by Verinlegno: safety and high performance

The new coatings, which are certified as class 1, minimize the reaction to fire of the wooden substrate on which they are applied
Category: Paints for furniture
Publication date: 07/10/2021

UniCredit supports ICA Spa: two Sustainability-Linked loans disbursed

Guaranteed by Sace's Italian Guarantee, to support the growth of the Marche-based company
Category: Paints for furniture
Publication date: 12/08/2021
Company: Ica Group

In this area you can stay constantly updated on the latest news in the furniture paint sector. Specifically, you will find news about fairs, events and sector studies conducted by leading experts on the methods of processing and production of paints and varnishes for interior and exterior decoration. Furthermore, you can keep yourself informed on the best products in terms of qualitative innovation on the market made by the most authoritative manufacturers in the sector.

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