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Raukantex edging solutions by Rehau: with glue and with zero joint effect, always the right choice
For over 50 years, Rehau's Raukantex line has been synonymous with state-of-the-art furniture edging solutions that achieve the highest levels of aesthetic and functional perfection. With a range that includes over 2,000 decors in more than 200,000 variations, the polymeric edging offer of the Rehau Furniture Solutions division satisfies every requirement, providing designers and furniture manufacturers with a variety of design and processing options, with the certainty of always finding the perfect match with the Rauvisio surface programme and with the panels of the leading manufacturers on the market.


Optimised solutions for different edgebanding technologies

In its ongoing research and development activities, Rehau's aim has always been to introduce a strong component of innovation, both in terms of machining processes and products, in order to achieve finished furniture components with a joint-free visual effect. In this context, the development of optimised solutions for various edgebanding technologies has taken a leading role, enabling the highest levels of quality to be achieved, regardless of the solution adopted, for perfect adhesion between edge and panel, characterised by high UV stability for maximum durability.


The edges of Rehau's Raukantex line

Rehau edgings now include the classic edge with primer, Raukantex pure, designed for those who prefer the traditional glue method, and two variants of zero joint effect edgings: Raukantex plus and Raukantex pro.

Raukantex plus, recently updated with a functional, colour-matched TPU layer, is ideal for those starting out with seamless edging.

Raukantex pro, the edge with a functional layer made of 100 per cent polymer material, is now the standard for perfect components that last.

In addition, to offer maximum processing flexibility, the seamless bonding between edge and panel allowed by Raukantex plus and Raukantex pro edgings can be achieved through a variety of technologies, from efficient laser technology to the more cost-effective Hot Air technology and NIR infrared technology.


Support based on tailor-made services

In addition to the constant product development, the Rehau Furniture Solutions division is joined by a series of services that help to simplify the choice within such a wide range of solutions, including the practical online tool that, with just a few clicks, allows you to identify all possible combinations between Raukantex edgings and the more than 16,000 laminate panels and tops from all the major national and international manufacturers. Thanks to the free Raukantex sample service, it is also possible to order samples of the identified decor or colour for an even safer choice. Finally, as a result of the recent optimisation of the production and logistical capacity of the Visbek site, a reference point for the European market, the company ensures that the entire programme of standard edgings is always ready for dispatch, with short delivery times, even in small quantities starting from one metre.

Choosing Rehau Furniture Solutions means being able to rely on the experience of an international player to grow and differentiate within the furniture industry through design-oriented solutions and constant support based on tailor-made services.

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